Daisi Boutique was founded from the desire to create a safe space to feel truly confident in and empowered by your sexuality. Our collection of sex toys, BDSM gear, and adult novelty items are carefully curated to ensure your pleasure is never overlooked.

This little sex shop is founded, owned, and operated by women for all. We are proudly sex positive, openly kink friendly, and shamelessly passionate about closing the pleasure gap.

- Daisy, Founder and Owner

Our Mission Statement

We strive to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone to explore their bodies, indulge in their fantasies, and shamelessly
celebrate their sexualities.

Our Environmental Pledge

Daisi Boutique will plant 1 tree for every product sold in collaboration with Ecologi.

Sex Positive Approach

Pleasure is a human need and everyone deserves to explore, express, and celebrate their sexuality on their own terms.

High Quality Products

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products because your pleasure is worth it.

Shame-Free Pleasure

Kinky, vanilla, and everything in between; no matter your preferences sex should be safe and shamelessly fun.