How to Use

How to Clean
Take the period cup out while you’re on the toilet or in the shower, and pour out any blood that’s been collected. Then, rinse it out thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to use unscented soap when you wash it, to avoid irritation. When cleaning, pay special attention to the hard-to-reach holes. And remember to wash your hands before inserting or removing your cup!

For a deeper clean, boil it for 3 minutes in pure water to sterilize. Dry it off. Clean the bag with water and some mild soap and let it air dry. Do not use any other cleaning agents than those specified. Store the products dry and protected from sunlight.

Product Dimensions

Size A
Length: 2.1"
Diameter: 1.56"
Capacity: 0.68 oz
Weight: 0.09lb

Size B
Length: 2.29"
Diameter: 1.7"
Capacity: 1.01 oz
Weight: 0.09lb


Materials: body safe, non-porous, and hypoallergenic